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Ipendani, 33 y/o, New York, Hauppauge, United States
Status: "Even if I was home alone for six hours, my tv didnt work, computer was broken, phone wasnt charged and I lost the charger… I STILL wouldn’t do my homework."
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nude girls chat in hindi
Nude Girls Chat In Hindi
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Profile Info
I amwomen
Looking formale
Your real name
Alexine Addinson
I donT drink or do drugs never have never will IM not a party type person IVe rather be home with family or hanging out with close friends. well if you make it this far and like what you read send me a message but if you start that message of with hey sex whatS up or your hot IM not going to reply IM a lady and would like to be talked to like one ). Well IM Ocean.
Desired RelationshipMarriage
My birthday
My match age
Common interests to shareGenealogy, Judo, Amateur geology, Hunting, Conlanging,
ReligionJehovah's Witnesses
Spoken LanguagesSlovene ,Danish ,
EducationMasters Degree
Physical Features
EthnicityBene Israel
Height5' 1" 154.94 cm
Body TypePear
Eye ColorGold
MusicCarver Brent
FilmsOur Brand Is Crisis
About myself
Leos and Newfies (dogs!), Chocolate iced coffee,

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